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What are White Goods?

White Goods are those large and heavy appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, clothes dryers, etc. These days they are not necessarily white, but originally they were, hence the overarching name. But while their colour doesn’t really matter any more, what connects these appliances together is the fact of their size, their weight, and the fact that It is hard to move them without the help of a trolley and a set of muscles.

When you don’t need the equipment any more, when it breaks down or is superseded by a better model, you need to look at how to move it out of the house. It could be reasonably easy to move it out on the verandah, but sometimes these things are left there taking up valuable space and looking ugly.

It is better to remove these appliances completely. Some stores, when delivering a new appliance, will take away the old one (for a fee, possibly). But sometimes it is left to the householder to take care of the problem.

Give Away?

Do you know someone, or a charity, who could use your old fridge/washing machine etc? That should be the first step. Ask around. Don’t offer appliances that aren’t working any more – that should go without saying.

So if you’ve decided to give the old appliance away, how should you do it? To start with, you should minimize its weight. Remove parts that can be easily removed and later replaced. This makes the item lighter, and consequently easier to lift. Still, it’s a good idea to have a trolley handy. Clear out anything that is in the way that you intend to go. You don’t want to go three-quarters of the way and find that the thing won’t go through the space.  Plan ahead. Don’t try to get it done too quickly. Be sensible about how much you are able to lift. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help from a friend.

Recycle or Dump?

If your appliance has broken down, perhaps the parts can be recycled. That’s another option to research. You don’t want to have any toxic materials that would contaminate or harm the environment. Maybe a sensible idea would be to get in touch with people in the white goods removals business. Yes, there are people who are prepared to work in all sorts of difficult jobs to benefit the rest of the population. They will know the answers to how to recycle a washing machine (or whatever). They will have the right equipment to handle the particular appliance, and know exactly how to do it safely. Think about getting the job done expertly. They know about recycling, and also would know if the item just needs dumping, and where to go to do that.

Help from someone who knows how, compared to drama when you don’t know how, is worth it.