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The house is looking a bit messy. Look at the dirt on the walls, the roof, the deck, all the exterior surfaces. The rain tries its best, but it cannot clean the house, and at best it could leave dirty streaks. Get out the hose, attach the scrubbing brush someone gave you for a birthday present, and make a start. After some time, the wife comes to assess the situation, and is less than complimentary about the work you have done. The hose and brush routine does not always get the result you are looking for. What to do? Down to the local hire shop to find a pressure washer? Maybe your neighbour hired a pressure washer and attacked his brick house with strong jets of water. The result wasn’t too bad. The eaves required a different treatment, with a different tool. And he wasn’t keen on having to get on top of the roof.

OK, what to do with your house

Firstly, you must remember that high pressure water jets have the potential to cause damage to whatever they touch, whether it be concrete, bricks, timber walls, sandstone, toes or fingers. You need to be careful. You need to be aware of how much pressure to dial up. How to aim the water jet. Where to aim the water jet. And what to aim the water jet at. You don’t want holes in the eaves or windows.

Yes, the high pressure cleans off the bricks. Yes, high pressure cleans the concrete driveway. If there is a major stain on the driveway, a particular chemical may need to be used. And the high pressure jets will clean your block walls and pathways.

But what about the “softer” parts of your building. Do you know when to turn the pressure down? It is too late after the jet has penetrated the surface. Softer areas need to be washed softly.

Softly means, obviously, a low pressure water spray. That sort of spray needs cleaning chemicals to clean away the dirt. What sort of chemicals? What works best on what surfaces? Are the cleansing solutions environmentally friendly?

So which way should you go? Hard or soft? A sudden shock attack or a more friendly, gentle approach?

DIY Washing?

If you’ve decided to hire a pressure washer and do it yourself, the results might be “good enough”, but if you want it done properly, you must agree that the professional pressure wash company would get much better results. The water pressure needed, as mentioned before, can be dangerous. An expert, a person who has done this before numerous times, can handle the equipment properly, knowing how to prevent a dangerous situation.

The soft washing process is best performed by a professional, giving you a recipe of cleaning chemicals to deal with your own situation. The cleaning chemicals also will kill bacteria, algae, and fungus, which might result in health problems. And with any washing job, if it is not done properly the results will be unsatisfactory.