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This is not something we necessarily want to do. There might be several reasons why you should remove a tree.

Tree is unhealthy

Perhaps you have noticed that your tree is losing its leaves at the wrong time of year. Maybe some branches have been broken off, or bark has fallen away and not replaced, as would normally happen in a healthy tree. Mushrooms and other fungus around the tree’s base may indicate a problem with the tree’s root system. There are numerous tree-health issues that the average person is probably not aware of. If you suspect that your tree is unhealthy, get good advice from an expert tree removalist.

Some signs of sickness include the general appearance. The most outstanding sign would be that there is no foliage. That would be the number 1 indicator. You were extremely happy with a beautiful tree which normally produces bountiful leaves and flowers. After some years the display weakens, and no matter what you do, it does not respond. There is something serious at work here. Perhaps there has been damage to the tree, from a storm, from a lawn mower or whippersnapper, or even a collision with a vehicle.  Again, you should get advice from a tree expert.

Tree rot is also an issue to be dealt with. A tree is a living thing, and it gets old and weak, eventually dying. We hear of trees that are thousands of years old and still going strong, yet the one you planted two years ago is struggling to grow and develop. Why? You need to find out.

Tree is in a problem location

It’s likely we’ve all come across a tree which is in the wrong spot – you want to build a pergola, or a swimming pool, and the tree is in the way. Its leaves might be clogging up your gutters, or, worse, falling in the neighbour’s yard, and the neighbour is not happy about that. You would need to have a chainsaw. That could cut off the branches. Do you have a large truck or trailer? That could take the logs to the local transfer station. Do you have a chipper? That would turn the branches into mulch. Do you have a stump grinder?  Do you have a mate who could lend you these things? And you need to be able to cut down and remove the tree without affecting any structures nearby (fence, shed, gazebo …. house) . Without these things, it won’t be easy to do what has to be done. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying, and sometimes they get it done, and sometimes they need to call for help.

So best of luck to those who want to try and remove their tree by themselves. Remember to research the best ways of doing it, to get the right equipment, a suitable number of mates to help out, and choose a fine day to carry out the operation. Or simply find a tree removal company like this Sunshine Coast tree removal company.