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Short answer, YES. And do you want to know why? That requires a long answer. And it is based on your sleeping activities.

Where do you sleep

Do you sleep in your bed? Of course you do. Do you know that while you sleep, you sweat? On the hot, humid summer nights, of course you do. That spicy meal at the local Indian restaurant is also likely to make you sweat. And, believe it or not, an average person’s sweat can add up to 500 millilitres a night. A half litre! And where does that sweat go? Into your sheets, pillows and mattress.

What else is going on?

Your skin. It sheds cells, about a gram each night. Also hair follicles. Even if you’re not going bald. But think about where all these skin cells and hair follicles are going to end up. Here’s another “believe it or not”. They end up in your mattress. And waiting there, knowing that a feast is coming, are microbugs that love to eat your shedded skin cells. Thankfully, just the dead cells, not the living cells.

Facts and figures

There are people who know these kinds of facts, and they say that there could be millions of dust mites living out their lives on your mattress. They eat, and they excrete. All in the same place. On your mattress. On your pillow. Whenever you move it stirs up dust particles, which consist mostly of dastardly dust mites and dust mite droppings. They float in the area, perhaps ending up settling on you, you face, your skin. You probably are breathing them in.  It doesn’t bear thinking about. But what if It makes you sick? It could, if you have asthma or allergies.

So what to do?

What should you do? Go out and buy another mattress? They are quite expensive, and you’d have to do it every year or so. The best option: professionally clean your mattress! There are people out there who do this, have done it for years, and know precisely what chemicals are needed to thoroughly clean the mattress, so that you can say goodbye to the dust mites and excrement.