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Spoiler Alert: It’s gross things.

Most of us, when we look at carpet, we think, “… …”. That’s because, when most of us look at our carpet, we don’t really think anything at all. Carpet is … just carpet. It’s there. We walk on it, and it feels nice on our feet. Perhaps we drop some food or drink on it, and we think, “Oops, I better clean that up”, but other than that, as long as carpet does what carpet is supposed to do, we let it just go right on being carpet.

What most of us don’t do is think, “Wow, look at that nice, beautiful carpet. I wonder what microscopic things live down there that eat our discarded skin cells.”

Because, and I don’t want to alarm anyone, there are microscopic things living down there that eat our discarded skin cells.

Dust Mites, Fleas and Bed Bugs.

You might have noticed this, but human beings have hair and skin. During the normal course of the day, hair falls out and skin cells shed. We often don’t necessarily notice this, but a lot of the dust you might see floating in the air, glinting off the sunlight that peeks in through the curtains on a beautiful spring afternoon, is your skin cells.

That dust is far less pretty and poetic now, isn’t it?

Eventually this dust and hair and skin (what the smart people call ‘dander’) falls to the ground and on to our carpets. This becomes like a dinner gong to tiny microscopic insects like the dust mites, fleas and bed bugs.

Dust mites are barely ¼ of a millimetre long and look like alien monsters if seen through a microscope, something I wouldn’t advise without one of the Men in Black’s Neuralyzers to wipe your memories. They can live for 100 days, excrete twice their bodyweight everyday, and the females lay 60 to 100 eggs.

Charming little critters, really.

Vacuuming Can’t Get Rid Of Them

What we sometimes don’t realise about carpet is that it is not a flat surface. At the dust-mite eye level (if they even have eyes), it looks more like a jungle of carpet fibres reaching for the sky. This jungle is what traps the dust, hair and skin cells within the carpet layer, providing a perfect buffet restaurant for the critters like the dust mites.

But it is also why vacuuming can’t get rid of them.

Vacuuming only really effects the top layer of the jungle that is the typical carpet, the jungle canopy, shall we say. But deep down within the jungle itself, at the lower levels of the carpet fibre, the microscopic eco-system of the dust mite remains undisturbed.

You Really Need A Good Tough Carpet Clean To Get Rid Of Them

The above heading really says it all. If you want to get rid of the things that live deep within the jungle that is your carpet, you need to bring in a professional carpet cleaning company to do what professional carpet cleaning companies do: i.e. clean carpets.

Professional cleaners have powerful carpet cleaning equipment designed to propel water diluted carpet cleaning solution into your carpet fibres. This gets right down into all the layers of your carpet, loosening the microscopic contaminants which are then extracted using powerful vacuums, leaving your carpets fresh and clean and smelling like new.