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Very often, we don’t think much about our gutters. They’re just up there, attached to the roof, doing their thing, getting water from the roof to the drains, and as long as they do that, we barely give them a second thought.

Perhaps we should be giving them a bit more thought. As long as our gutters are doing what they are supposed to do, that’s great, but when the process is blocked, when something gets in the way of that simple act of moving water from one place to another, then we have a problem. And the scale of that problem can be surprisingly alarming.

Following are some things that can be affected by blocked gutters that you might not even think about.

  1. The gutters themselves.

Gutters are designed to pass water on from one place to another. They are not designed to carry large amounts of weight for extend periods, and that is precisely what happens when gutters become blocked. Water is heavy, and when water can’t go anywhere, it causes a lot of stress on the gutters. Just as bad is that the blockage itself becomes water laden, which means it will take longer for the water to evaporate.

Over time, the weight of the blockage can cause the gutters to sag or tear from the roof, necessitating a gutter repair.

2. The Roof

When there is too much water in blocked gutters, eventually the water will overflow the gutters. Usually, there are two ways the water can go. One, we will discuss next, but the other is the roof.

Roofs, like gutters, are not designed to support large amounts of weight for a long period of time, particularly if that weight is focused in a small area. Eventually, the roof will rot or leak, and you will get water coming inside. This will necessitate a roof repair or even a replacement to fix the problem.

3. The Foundations

The other way the water may goes is down your walls (which may cause discolouration of the walls, and even moss and mould to build up, leading to more bills) and pooling at the foundation of your house. Over time, this might cause some erosion at the base of your house to occur, leaving your foundation open to the elements. As well, the erosion can call the area around the foundation to weaken, possibly leading to cracks and a large bill to fix the problem

4. The occupants.

Yes, you. Blocked gutters usually have water-laden vegetation and dirt, and these can attract mosquitoes into your house, particularly if you have leaks, also caused by blocked gutters. Some mosquitoes carry disease, which they can then spread to you.

Also, if you have leaks in your roof, the water may cause mould, mildew and fungus to form. The spores of mould can easily spread through the house, being inhaled by the occupants. Those with breathing issues like asthma, or allergies and skin irritations, are most likely to be affected by this.

These are just some of the reasons why you should have your gutters checked and cleaned by a professional gutter cleaning company like these gutter cleaners Brisbane. The money you spend cleaning the gutters, you could easily save from not needing the repairs listed above.